Uber Releases List Of Most Forgetful Cities; Boston Doesn't Make The Cut

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Boston (WBZNewsRadio) - It's one list Boston should be happy to not be a part of.

Uber has released it's 2022 list of 'Most Forgetful Cities' and the good news? Boston doesn't even crack the top ten. Of course that doesn't mean passengers don't leave the occasional item in the back seat. WBZ's James Rojas spoke to ride-share drivers in Boston and asked what typically gets left in the back seat.

"Mostly phones or wallets." One driver said. "Usually phones most of the time, it happened to be a couple of days ago. The person called the phone, I picked up, we set up a place to meet and I brought the phone back to them."

Other popular items left behind are keys and glasses.

But elsewhere, Americans are leaving all sorts of strange items in the backseats of their uber-rides. According to Uber, things like a small tortoise, grandma's teeth, a metal leg, and a bucket of slime where all discovered after the ride ended. What's more, Uber says the most popular time to leave something behind is between 4 and 6 p.m.

The top most "forgetful" cities are as follows:

  1. Austin, TX (second year in a row at #1)
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Houston, TX
  4. Indianapolis, IN
  5. Dallas, TX
  6. Kansas City, KS
  7. Atlanta, GA
  8. Tampa Bay, FL
  9. Columbus, OH
  10. Phoenix, AZ

WBZ's James Rojas (@JamesRojasNews) reports

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