Beer Cans, Broken Bottles & Bottle Caps Plague Boston Playground

ROXBURY (WBZNewsRadio) - Clifford Playground in Roxbury continues to be plagued with dangerous trash, prompting concerns among residents.

Broken bottles, beer cans, glass, syringes and bottle caps found right by the benches, where kids are meant to sit while playing baseball.

Keeping the area clean has been an ongoing problem. Last September, used needles and criminal activity prompted the Boston Bengals to move their practice to a new field.

"It's not mainly the homeless community, it's also the company this field keeps here, when they come watch the games. They kind of leave a trash heap." A woman cleaning the park told WBZ's James Rojas. "We all got to work together as a community. If they come here to watch the game and they pick up their trash it won't look like this."

WBZ NewsRadio reached out to the City of Boston for a comment to which officials responded that there is a correlation between temperatures rising and litter loads increasing at parks.

"As the weather gets warmer, the City sees an increase in the number of homeless individuals living and using drugs outside, leading to an increase in public injection, trash and improperly discarded needles. Recovery Services works collectively with other City departments and neighborhood partners to mitigate these issues proactively and in real time," a City spokesperson said.

Officials went on to say that the City is prioritizing canvasing of Clifford Park and area schools, the South End, Newmarket, and Roxbury.

WBZ's James Rojas (@JamesRojasNews) reports

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