City Of Revere Takes Legal Action Against Owners Of Condemned Building

Photo: Office Of Mayor Brian Arrigo

REVERE (WBZNewsRadio) - Mayor of Revere Brian Arrigo is taking legal action against the property management company of a condemned high-rise at 370 Ocean Avenue. He filed an emergency request for receivership of the building on Wednesday.

The 16-story apartment building owned by the Carabetta Properties, was ruled uninhabitable after a fire on June 21. The blaze displaced all of the residents and the building was condemned by inspectors.

Since the fire, residents have been struggling. They say they have not received a $750 relocation fee or their deposits back from their landlord.

“We will take every legal action possible against Carabetta for ignoring their legal obligations and total disregard for human dignity and decency as landowners and property managers in our city,” said Mayor Arrigo.

"The level of frustration I can't really comprehend. I'm so angry, I'm so upset as I said this organization has acted more like criminal organization that it has a property management company." Mayor Arrigo said after a tour of the property on Thursday.

Neighbors are rallying behind the Mayor's decision, calling the building an eye-sore and a dump.

"We're 100% behind the Mayor. Because we don't like looking at this and we don't want people living like this." One neighbor told WBZ's Carl Stevens. The woman said the building has been a dumping ground for trash for years.

"I have a beautiful view of revere beach and then I look out my bedroom window and I look at mattresses on decks and now I'm looking at this. There's mattresses and rugs all over the tennis courts drying, and this is what I'm looking at." She said.

"The fire as it turns out might be a good thing for us. because finally someone's going to do something about something." Another neighbor said.

It isn't just the high-rise at 370 Ocean Avenue, but Mayor Arrigo said in addition to the new filing, the City has already moved to foreclose on all three properties owned by the Carabetta family for outstanding tax title issues. Currently, the property owners have $1.9 million in past taxes owed to the city.

Mayor Arrigo also directed ARPA funding to be used as an emergency fund to assist displaced residents in finding new permanent housing - and will move to collect on these funds from the property owner through litigation.

WBZ's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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