Heat Wave Continues & Intensifies Over The Weekend

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BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - Boston's first heat wave of 2022 scorches on. The 90 degree days will continue this weekend; we won't see things start to cool off until Tuesday, with a forecast somewhere in the 80s.

On Thursday, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu extended the city's heat emergency through Sunday. This means cooling centers through out the city will remain open for residents, as well as more than 50 splash pads at parks and playgrounds. Originally, the emergency was set for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Friday's forecast brings some good news, with humidity levels much lower than Thursday's. Temperatures will once dance around the low-to-mid 90 degree mark. There is also a small chance of a pop-up shower Friday afternoon, but we won't get drenched.

Saturday will be much like Friday -- hot with low humidity and temperatures again reaching the mid-90's. Residents along the coastline and in parts of southeastern Massachusetts will see higher dew points, and things could feel a bit sticky.

Sunday will likely be the hottest day of the weekend as Boston hit triple digits. And with humidity on the rise, many communities could feel hotter than that. Sunday will be the best day to stay indoors, and avoid any heavy lifting or outdoor activities unless they involve cooling off.

As we enter next week, Monday brings somewhat cooler temperatures, before the heat wave ultimately ends by Tuesday.

During the stretch of hot weather it's important to stay hydrated and watch out for signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Heat stroke is the most serious threat and symptoms include a high body temperature, hot and red skin, loss of consciousness, changes in responsiveness and confusion, changes in heart rate, vomiting, and possible seizures. If you or anyone you know experiences these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Heat exhaustion happens when people overexert themselves in hot weather. Symptoms include cool, moist, pale or flushed skin, nausea, dizziness, weakness and headache. If you find yourself feeling less than superb, experts suggest drinking water with electrolytes slowly and resting in preferably a cool place.

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