Trash Barrel Valet Service Launches In Eastie, Revere & Winthrop

Photo: Courtesy of John Faretra

REVERE (WBZNewsRadio) - If you're sick of taking out the trash, you're in luck. A new business serving Revere, Winthrop and Eastie will take out the trash for you.

Winthrop property manager James Faretra launched his new business just three weeks ago, offering a valet service for trash barrels.

"People get older and they don't have the motivation." Faretra told WBZ's Carl Stevens. "Some people are disabled and they don't want to take the trash in and out especially in the inter time when its cold and it's slippery out. Even in the summertime when it's extremely hot, people just don't want to be out in that heat more than a couple of minutes."

Not only does Barrel Valet Service collect your trash, they put out your barrels the night before, and after they've taken away your trash, they'll put the barrels back where they belong. What's more, recycling bins are free with the service, the company writes on their website "We believe in a green environment and everything we can do to help our world."

WBZ's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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