Should New England Secede From The U.S? Local Organization Says Yes.

New England Quarter Pound Lobster Dinner

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BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - For the last eight years, the New England Independence Campaign has been pushing for New England's six states to secede from the U.S., leading with the notion "smaller countries" are better.

"America, I think, has just grown too large. We would all be happier and more successful in New England if we were our own country." Social media coordinator of the group, Maddie told WBZ's Matt Shearer.

With so many amazing things in New England, it's easy to see why some believe we should be our own country. There's Cape Cod, the Berkshires and White Mountains, and Acadia National Park.

We're the home of the Red Sox, Patriots, and Bruins. We're home to a number of world renown schools and universities.

There's a plethora of big Hollywood names and historical figures that all once called New England 'home' like Mark Wahlberg, Louisa May Alcott, Amy Poelher, JFK, Chris Evans, Viola Davis, Donna Summer, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Krasinski and Paul Revere, the list goes on.

Then there are the amazing discoveries and inventions that have come from New England. There's the pink plastic flamingo, the lobster roll, Sam Adams Lager, the chocolate chip cookie, the microwave, the board game, and the snow shovel, that list too, goes on and on.

So how do New Englanders feel about the concept? Reaction was mixed, but one big question kept coming up; who should be in charge? Answers ranged from Matt Damon to Robert Kraft.

Mamba from Dorchester says if it happens, we should get to keep the stars & stripes.

"Remember, New England was the first states in the country, so we represent red blue and white, they've got to come up with something different." He said.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports

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