Waltham Restaurant Thrives By Giving Back To The Community

Photo: Tempo Neighborhood Kitchen

WALTHAM (WBZNewsRadio) - Erin Barnicle has owned Tempo Neighborhood Kitchen for 18 years and said the eatery has thrived despite the global pandemic by forming strong relationships with the community.

"We are a restaurant that has survived because we have an amazing community that supports us. So we do our best to give back to them." Barnicle said. One of the ways the restaurant is giving back is highlighting incredible local female artists with their summer outdoor dining set-up.

"We are all about woman power," Barnicle told WBZ's Suzanne Sausville. "We are all talented in so many ways and so I think it's wildly important to share that with each other and with the community and with other people, I mean the more we can do to showcase different people within the female community the better it is for us."

Kate Holloway is a painter and new Mom. She created a standout selfie wall that spills onto Moody street and designed the walkway for the restaurant. Hafsa Lewis works with flowers and created a massive archway made of silk flowers to welcome both diners and those wandering down the temporary pedestrian-only street. Both women have collaborated with Tempo over the last three years to transform their outdoor dining space into a little slice of heaven.

Tempo's effort to give back goes beyond empowering women. In early June, the LeBlanc/Mele family lost everything, including one of their beloved pets in a house fire. When the restaurant heard about their loss, they sprung into action.

"We had a fundraiser one night, we raised almost 10,000 for the family. Plus in our back parking lot we have a pod, so we're collecting things for the family, couches, beds etc. so when they do get into a new home, they'll have everything to furnish it." Barnicle said.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (@WBZSausville) reports

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