What's In A Name? Stereotypes, That's What.

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BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - What is in a name? A lot apparently. We all harbor certain stereotypes when it comes to first names. There's 'Chad', 'Kyle', 'Stacey' and over the last few years, we've all known a 'Karen' or two.

Now a new documentary coming out of France aims to save the reputation of those with the first name 'Kevin'. It was once the most popular boy's name in France, inspired by pop culture in the 1990s, but now it has become a target of mockery, the ultimate meme, and even class prejudice.

A french graphic designer and director is now crowdfunding a film project called "Save the Kevins" aiming to restore the reputation of Kevins everywhere.

Kevin doesn't have the same reputation here in the U.S. but other names don't easily escape a negative stereotype.

WBZ's Matt Shearer took to the streets of Boston and asked what some names you'd do anything to avoid are.

First, there's Chad, which for many held a "very frat name" description.

Then there's Kyle.

"I'm not friends with a Kyle, but I've been around Kyles, unfortunately." One woman said.

Then of course there's Karen.

"Usually like, an older woman, who is very... entitled," One woman said.

"I do know a Karen," another person added. "She's a very nagging person."

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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