Strange Creature Caught On Camera And People Are Sure It's A Demogorgon

Photo: Netflix

You might think we know all of the living things on the planet but actually, each year, 18,000 new species are discovered, and one of them might have just been caught on film in a hardware store. In the clip, an odd, hairless dog-like creature climbs up a counter and then scales some shelves along a wall.

It wasn't the animal's first trip to the store either. It appeared inside the shop in India two days in a row. Officials think it came from the neighboring forest but others think it may have come from somewhere else... The Upside Down. Yes, fans of Stranger Things are convinced the animal is a demogorgon, specifically when it is in the demodog phase of its life.

Not surprisingly, it likely is not a creature form a fictional show, rather many feel it is a large civet, a nocturnal mammal native to Africa and Asia that resembles a mongoose. This one in particular lost its fur, possibly from mange or another skin disease, which has it looking a lot like a demodog.

Large Indian civet in the jungle, night photography

Photo: Getty Images

The local forest department has been alerted about the animal and are currently looking for it. They plan to capture it and identify it and, presumably, treat it as well.

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