Steve Bannon Indicted On Charges Related To Border Wall Fundraising

Stephen Bannon Found Guilty Of Contempt Of Congress Trail

Photo: Getty Images

Steve Bannon is expected to surrender to authorities in New York on Thursday (September 8) after being indicted on fraud charges. While the indictment is sealed, the Washington Post reported that Bannon is facing charges related to a fundraising scheme in which he solicited $25 million in donations to help pay for the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The charges are similar to ones brought by federal prosecutors in 2020. That case was closed after former President Donald Trump pardoned Bannon before he left office. Presidential pardons only apply to federal crimes, allowing New York prosecutors to file charges against Bannon.

Bannon claimed the "phony charges" are "nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system."

"I am proud to be a leading voice on protecting our borders and building a wall to keep our country safe from drugs and violent criminals," he said in a statement, adding: "They are coming after all of us, not only Present Trump and myself. I am never going to stop fighting. In fact, I have not yet begun to fight. They will have to kill me first."

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