Salem City Council Votes To Remove Portrait Of Andrew Jackson From Chambers

United States twenty-dollar bill  of U.S. currency with U.S. President Andrew Jackson

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SALEM (WBZNewsRadio) - The 7th President of the United States will no longer grace the Salem City Council Chambers.

The decision came after a unanimous vote at Tuesday night's City Council meeting to remove the painting from the chambers and place it elsewhere until a decision as to where it will go is reached. The measure was introduced by Councilor Leveille "Lev' McClain and Councilor-at-large Alice Merkl.

"One particular issue, one of many issues, is Andrew Jackson's history of aggression towards Native Americans." Merkl said. "He signed and executed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 that became known as the Trail of Tears, which mandated the removal all American Indian tribes, east of the Mississippi River to land west."

Merkl said the vote represents just the latest step in the City of Salem's ongoing effort to examine it's history and highlight previously untold stories.

WBZ's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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