NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for December 15, 2022

Boston to Study Reparations. The Boston City Council has approved a committee to study reparations for Black Bostonians. The committee will study Boston’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and how best to provide atonement for the harm done. Rev. Kevin Peterson joins Dan to discuss.

Idaho Murder Case. Police have yet to name a suspect in the one-month-old grisly murder of four University of Idaho students. All four students were found stabbed to death in their shared rental home. How long could it take police to solve this case and find out what really happened? Retired MA State Police Homicide Detective Lt. Bill Powers joins Dan to discuss.

Asylum Seekers & Title 42. Next week Title 42, a public health ordinance that allows officials to turn away asylum seekers to limit the spread of communicable diseases, is set to expire. Concerns about a potential surge at the border loom. In addition, the Biden Administration has announced plans to study and potentially alter the civics component of the U.S. citizenship test. Tonight, your thoughts!

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