Three Minors Face Charges After Shooting Middle Schoolers With Gel Pellets

Photo: Auburn MA Police

AUBURN (WBZNewsRadio) - Three juveniles are facing serious criminal charges after shooting Auburn Middle School students with gel pellets while walking home from school, on Wednesday.

Police said they got a call just before 3 p.m. from parents of students at Auburn Middle School saying their children had been shot by gel pellets after they got off the school bus and made their way home along Briarcliff Dr. and Bryn Mawr Ave.

After looking through surveillance video and canvassing the area, officers were able to pin point the suspects to a four-door white sedan, which was found parked at Auburn High School. When officers looked into the back seat of the car, they could see in plain view an Orbeeze gel gun with orange gel balls, which matched the pellets left behind at one of the scenes.

Officers tracked down the suspect and in talking to him, he quickly admitted to what had happened. He also identified the others involved in the shooting.

Police said parents of the suspects came into the station and were told of the criminal charges against their children. The three juveniles are being charged with nine counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The Superintendent of Schools was also notified.

WBZ's John Baibak reports

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