Finding Romance In The Pages Of A Comic Book

Photo: Carl Stevens / WBZ News Radio

SOMERVILLE (WBZNewsRadio) - With about a week left before Valentine's day, you may just find what you're looking for between the pages of a comic book.

"Well there are some famous love stories in comics." Said Tim Finn, owner of Hub Comics in Somerville. "There's the love triangle between Louis Lane, Clark Kent and Superman... Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four..."

In fact, there's an entire Romance Comics genre to choose from.

"Romance in comics as a genre starts in 1947 when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who are better known for creating Captain America, write and draw the first romance comic and it's called Young Romance." Finn said.

The genre flourished following the end of World War II, when comic book readership surged and superheroes were seen as 'out of style.'

Outside of the genre, love stories can be found in everything from Batman to Swamp Thing.

"They're star crossed lovers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war, on the run with their baby." Finn said of Saga, a comic book he describes as Romeo and Juliet meets Star Wars.

Then there's The Girl from the Sea, an epic love story about a young girl who falls in love with a girl who emerges from the sea near her home.

WBZ's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports

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