IFAW Rescues And Relocates Multiple Stranded Dolphins On Cape Cod

Photo: IFAW

YARMOUTH, Mass. (WBZNewsRadio) - We're only a few days into May and already it's been quite a busy month for rescuers with the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) on Cape Cod.

From Provincetown, to Wellfleet, to Barnstable, the Cape Cod rescue team has been herding, rescuing and relocating different animals up and down the coasts.

On May 1, approximately nine Atlantic white-sided dolphins were spotted swimming in the shallows of Wellfleet Harbor. One managed to swim away from the shallow waters, but eight needed rescuing. They were given a full health evaluation before being released back into deeper waters.

The next day, one dolphin returned to the area and the team once again hopped back in their kayaks and were able to move the animal back to deeper and safer waters.

Meantime a second dolphin was spotted swimming between boat slips in Barnstable Harbor. A second team was deployed to check out the situation and figure out the best course of action. The team was able to herd the dolphin to safety, give the animal a full evaluation and release it into a safe area.

During the rescue and relocation two teams were able to come together, transferring two dolphins together in a custom-built mobile dolphin rescue vehicle.

All in all, a total of three dolphins were affixed with temporary satellite tags and have since been swimming happily off our shores.

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