Franklin Park Zoo Welcomes Wattled Crane Hatchling & Five Prairie Dog Pups

Photo: Zoo New England

BOSTON (WBZNewsRadio) - Spring is well underway and over at Franklin Park Zoo, the warmer weather brings the arrival of fluffy, feathered, and feisty baby animals, including a wattled crane chick and five new prairie dog pups.

The hatching of the wattled crane chick on April 24, is the first time the species has ever been born at the zoo. Now just a few weeks old, the chick appears healthy and has been curious about their new surroundings.

“We couldn’t be happier about the successful hatch,” said John Linehan, President and CEO of Zoo New England. “Wattled cranes are a magnificent species and we’re excited for the opportunity for our guests to watch the chick grow.”

First time parents, Hansel and Zoolander, are already proving to be excellent caregivers to the hatchling. The pair were even caught shielding the chick from recent rainfall.

The wattled crane is the largest of all African cranes, growing to about six feet in height, and are currently listed as a vulnerable species.

Just a day after the small bird hatched, five prairie dog pups emerged from the zoo's growing colony within it's Nature's Neighborhoods exhibit. Zoo officials believe the pups were born around March 15. Now at several weeks old the pups are busy exploring their habitat, both above and underground.


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