Waltham Animal Control Rescues Raccoon Stuck In Car Grill

Photo: Waltham Animal Control

WALTHAM (WBZNewsRadio) - An adorable raccoon is safe and sound after getting stuck in the grill of a car in Waltham for more than 24 hours.

When a Waltham man hit a raccoon with his car earlier this week, he didn't think any further on it, but when he heard scratching a day later he realized the small animal was very much alive and in need of help. That's when Waltham Animal Control stepped in.

Rescuers were able to free the raccoon, who only had a small minor leg injury. The animal is now being taken care of by a wildlife rehabilitator. He's expected to recover and be released.

"Hopefully he has learned to look both ways before crossing a road from now on!" Waltham Animal Control wrote in a post on social media.

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