MassWildlife Warns, 'Don't Be A Fawn-Napper'

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It's almost baby deer season, and state officials say to leave well enough alone. Baby deer are born in Massachusetts in late May and June, and humans sometimes come upon them sitting in nature on their own.

MassWildlife says there's a reason for that. The deer haven't been abandoned by their mothers, but rather left alone so they aren't spotted by predators. The mothers come back to nurse every so often. The agency said it's not unusual for the babies to be left alone for eight hours at a time — and instructed people not to mistake a fawn that's alone for one that's abandoned.

The fawns don't smell like much and have good camouflage, which makes them hard for predators to find. The agency said deer see humans as predators, and will freeze if one comes close.

If a fawn needs to be moved out of immediate danger, the mother will return to nurse it even if it has been touched by humans.

MassWildlife has more information here.

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