Medway Middle, High Schools Implement Sandy Hook Promise Reporting System

Group of multiracial teenage college students ready to go back to school standing against blue background wall.

Photo: Daniel de la Hoz / Moment / Getty Images

MEDWAY, Mass. (WBZNewsRadio) - Students in Medway have wrapped up their first month with the Sandy Hook Promise Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) being used in the hallways of both the Middle School and High School.

Last month, students began using the SS-ARS program, which gives students the ability to anonymously report any troubling behaviors or situations that could lead to a safety threat at school.

The platform is simple to use and gives students the power to submit free text, photos or screenshots or other files. This information is then sent through the program directly to trained crisis counselors who are ready to respond quickly. If these counselors deem it necessary, tips will then be sent to Medway Schools administration and to the Medway Police Department.

"With social media being one of our students' main forms of communication, the SS-ARS program provides students with a secure and anonymous platform they can use to proactively contribute to the safety of their peers and the entire school community," Director of Wellness, Dr. Ryan Sherman said.

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System is currently being used in more than 120 schools districts across the country.

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