President Biden Uses Wartime Powers To Fund Electric Heater Production

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Photo: Ian Forsyth / Getty Images News / Getty Images

President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act of 1950 to provide $169 million in funds from the Inflation Reduction Act to accelerate domestic manufacturing of electric heat pumps as part of his administration's attempt to battle climate change.

Electric heat pumps use less energy than traditional gas-powered boilers and heaters. According to the Department of Energy, electric heat pumps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.

"Getting more American-made electric heat pumps on the market will help families and businesses save money with efficient heating and cooling technology," said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. "These investments will create thousands of high-quality, good-paying manufacturing jobs and strengthen America's energy supply chain while creating healthier indoor spaces through home-grown clean energy technologies."

The funds will dispersed among several companies, including Copeland, Honeywell International, Mitsubishi Electric, and York International Corporation.

The American Gas Association slammed Biden for using the Cold War-era law to further a political agenda.

"We are deeply disappointed to see the Defense Production Act, which is intended as a vital tool for advancing national security against serious outside threats, being used as an instrument to advance a policy agenda contradictory to our nation's strong energy position," said Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the American Gas Association, in a written statement.

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