A Cape Cod Family Want Answers After The Death Of Their Daughter

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The parents of Tatiana Kelloyan, who died of a drug overdose, have received an audio recording of a Barnstable District Court judge denying their request to commit their daughter for substance abuse treatment.

On Dec. 28, George and Victoria Kelloyan filed a petition known as Section 35 to get their 19-year-old daughter committed to a substance abuse treatment facility in the state of Massachusetts.

In the official request, Victoria Kelloyan wrote that Tatiana was using marijuana and strong liquor, had struggled with PTSD, had just ended a relationship, been in two recent accidents, had a history of harming herself, and had “made some threats of suicide.”

According to the Kelloyans, when they went to the district court, they were directed to return to their car outside the court building to wait for a call due to COVID-19 restrictions.

When the court called out their names, according to the audio recording, the two of them were not there to hear the decision and did not receive a call to appear before the judge when the decision was made.

40 minutes later they received a call saying District Court Judge Paul Pino had already denied their petition.

George Kelloyan told WBZ NewsRadio's Drew Moholland, "My daughter could have been alive. How could you tell me to go sit in the car?"

Tatiana's father also reported that if he had the chance to speak with Pino, he would have explained that their daughter had totaled both a PT Cruiser and Honda Accord in the wake of a painful breakup with a boyfriend.

Massachusetts Section 35 states that someone in serious harm is one who is:

  • A substantial risk of physical harm to the person himself/herself as manifested by evidence of threats of, or attempts at suicide or serious bodily harm; OR
  • A substantial risk of physical harm to others as manifested by evidence of homicidal or other violent behavior or evidence that others are placed in reasonable fear of violent behavior and serious physical harm to them; OR
  • A very substantial risk of physical impairment or injury to the person himself/herself as manifested by evidence that such person’s judgment is so affected that he/she is unable to protect himself/herself in the community and that reasonable provision for his/her protection is not available in the community.

On Feb. 3, George Kelloyan filed a complaint against Pino with the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for judicial misconduct. He has demanded to see an internal investigation.

The Massachusetts Trial Court spokeswoman said the matter already “has been reviewed by the District Court.”

WBZ NewsRadio's Drew Moholland (@DrewWBZ) reports:

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