A Carl Stevens Poem For National Donut Day

I'm sure I'm not the first to say

I'm gonna eat a donut, on donut day.

My heart would surely be acosted,

If my lips weren't wrapped around a strawberry frosted.

And I can hear the voice of my belly,

"Grab that donut, I want a jelly!"

I never cease to be amazed,

By the savory joy of a simple glazed.

And of course, half of each day's rations,

Consist of at least half a dozen old-fashioned's.

Or a local staple on the culinary scene,

I'm speaking of course of a Boston Creme.

We all have our favorites like my cousin Mary,

She's awfully fond of a glazed blueberry.

For something with a center that's only a hole,

A donut surprisingly makes us whole.

It makes us un-hungry. We smile and grin,

As if we shared the secret of a secret sin.

You wanna buy one? I'm getting a bunch,

Today its donuts for breakfast and lunch.

When I eat I do it my way,

So it's nothing but donuts on this donut day.

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