AAA Warns New England Buyers To Beware Storm-Flooded Cars

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Hurricane Ian left mass devastation in its wake — now, the storm may leave behind headaches if you're looking for a new car.

AAA "Car Doctor" and Senior Manager of Public Affairs John Paul said after major storms, bad actors often try to pass off flood-damaged cars as regular, working used vehicles. The organization is warning people about the possibility of buying one of the cars in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

Paul said the country could see 10,000 of the cars hit the open market. Similar problems have happened after Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irma.

"It can be a real headache for people who think they're buying a good car, especially right now where cars are in short supply," he said.

The problem is compounded in many late-model cars, because they tend to rely more on complex electronics.

"Think about the time that you got your cell phone wet and it didn't work afterwards. Imagine your car as a giant cellphone with more electronics than your cellphone would ever think of having," Paul said.

He said to use all five senses to make sure the car wasn't in a storm. Some things to look out for are mud, silt, and rust places it shouldn't be, like behind the dashboard. An odd smell or recently replaced carpets or seats could also be a giveaway.

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