About Brit Smith: Blunt Talk Host

Brit Smith is the creator and host of iHeartRadio’s podcast about Cannabis, Blunt Talk. She is also the head news writer for the Afternoon Drive show on WBZ Boston's News Radio.

Brit is originally from South London, UK. She moved to the US in 2006, starting out as a waitress in Dallas, TX. After saving up and moving to San Diego to attend a community college, Brit met her now-husband while he was serving in the Marine Corps. When he returned from his second tour of Afghanistan and left the military, Brit began studying how medical marijuana could help PTSD.

As a part time worker and full time student, Brit had no health insurance. So after paying out of pocket for emergency gallbladder surgery, she turned to medical marijuana for post-surgical pain relief, and to help with her ongoing insomnia.

A few months after Brit got to the University of California, Berkeley to finish her degree, her mother in England was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So Brit expanded her studies into the scientific reports of marijuana and cancer from other countries. Ailment by ailment, she became obsessed with learning anything she could about the vast potentials of cannabis as a medicine.

Brit also studied the intersection of cannabis and human culture while working on her degree in Biological Anthropology at the UC Berkeley. She has written for a number of online medical marijuana magazines, and she currently blogs about weekly cannabis news for WBZ Radio online.

Since its inception in late 2017, Blunt Talk has grown into a weekly podcast that focuses on both local and national voices in the cannabis space. Discussions center around legislation, burgeoning businesses, cultural changes, medical studies, and social equity issues.

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