Animal Rescue League Of Boston Takes In 3 Dogs From Bahamas

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Rescue League of Boston

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Animal Rescue League of Boston has rescued three mixed-breed dogs from a canine refuge in the Bahamas facing eviction.

Pawtcake Refuge in Nassau has rescued over 5,000 dogs in an effort to address the overwhelming amount of stray and homeless animals living on the streets in the Bahamas, explained ARL.

However, the rescue group is now facing eviction, so they are partnering with various animal welfare groups in the U.S. to find new homes for their animals.

ARL is the only animal welfare group in Massachusetts to receive dogs from Pawtcake.

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Rescue League of Boston

Three dogs from Pawtcake have been taken in by ARL, and they range from 9-months-old to 3-years-old.

They are all female mixed-breed dogs who have persevered through “unique challenges,” such as being found in a torrential rain storm and almost dying of canine parvovirus to waiting years for a new home, said ARL.

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The nonprofit added that they are “thrilled for the opportunity to help these dogs find the homes and lives they deserve.”

Photo: Courtesy of Animal Rescue League of Boston

The trio is “friendly but extremely fearful as they are still adjusting to their new surroundings,” explained ARL, and they shared that the animals would probably do better with another dog in their new home.

ARL said in a press release on Wednesday that although they primarily are concerned with helping local animals, they can also support other animal welfare organizations — like what they’re doing for Pawtcake Refuge — when their shelter populations are low.

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