Animal Rescue League Says Dogs Hit By Kentucky Tornadoes Up For Adoption

Goldie, one of the rescued dogs from Kentucky.Photo: Courtesy Animal Rescue League of Boston

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Animal Rescue League of Boston says it has three new dogs up for adoption affected by last month's Kentucky tornadoes.

The dogs come from shelters in Kentucky, three of the dozens of homeless animals that were moved outside of the tornado-ravaged areas. They were taking up space that was badly needed for animals displaced by the storms.

"Typical types of dogs that we'd see from a region like Kentucky would be hound-mixes, lab-mixes, and that's what these dogs are," said ARL Spokesman Mike Defina. The dogs came up to Boston courtesy of the ASPCA's rescue mission to Kentucky.

The dogs have all been spayed and neutered, and their profiles can be found on the ARL website here.

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