PHOTOS: Worcester Bakery Selling 'Anti-Valentine's Day' Cookies

WORCESTER (WBZ NewsRadio) — On Valentine's Day, a lot of people feel pressure to do the whole lovey-dovey thing.

That's exactly why Crust Artisan Bakeshop in Worcester is baking up anti-Valentine's Day messages that turn lovey-dovey upside down.

Bakery owner Alexis Kelleher said she started making the cookies—which say things like "bite me," "I'm in love with your ex," "You're the reason I cry," "You're no picnic," "You have dead eyes," and "You're ugly inside"—as an alternative to that "over-saturated, lovey-dovey, Valentine's Day Hallmark-holiday kind of thing."

"Everyone who works here, all of our regulars, customers just have so much enjoyment from poking fun at love that I think, collectively, anyone who's even been hurt a little bit can see the fun in making fun of the pressure I think that we put on Valentine's Day."

Kelleher insists she's not a woman scorned—she loves her boyfriend, and just likes poking fun at the day.

"I don't have some tragic story behind this or anything like that," she said. "There's no juicy gossip or love tell-all I think it's more of something that started as like, a playful jab at Valentine's Day."

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens ( @carlwbz ) reports

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