Artwork Celebrating Teamsters On Display At Local 25 HQ In Charlestown

Photo: Suzanne Sausville (WBZ NewsRadio)

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Boston artist Zach Horn comes from a long line of union members.

"My grandmother was arrested for being on the picket line in Philly," Horn told WBZ NewsRadio Sunday.

Much of his art focuses on union workers, including his latest piece, "Arc of the Moral Universe."

"It’s a combination of images and text, all on cardboard, all make of ink," Horn said. "And the images are of the UPS workers and the quotes are from Martin Luther King about his support of organized labor."

Originally displayed at the State House over Labor Day, the piece now has a permanent home with Teamsters Union Local 25 in Charlestown. More than a dozen 7-foot-tall cardboard pieces take up an entire wall of the union's meeting hall.

"Dr. Martin Luther King understood that true freedom, true equity, could never be achieved unless economic justice was delivered," said State Senator Paul Feeney at Sunday's unveiling.

Horn hopes the piece's new home will give the teamsters who see it a sense of support.

""Part of my goal is to treat people as faces that companies treat as numbers," Horn said. "And hopefully teamsters feel like they’re being seen."

The piece is also part of an ongoing series called "United We Bargain, Divided We Beg."

WBZ's WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (@WBZSausville) reports.

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