Ashland Native Goes Viral During Patriots Game For Quote About Tom Brady

Photo: Courtesy of Kathy Schwartz

ASHLAND, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio)— When a reporter with NBC approached Kathy Schwartz while she was tailgating at Gillette Stadium, she had no idea the viral storm that was going to follow.

The reporter asked if Schwartz, a Patriots season ticket holder, if she was rooting for former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady or her hometown during the Sunday night matchup between the Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Her response, shown during the broadcast, went wild on social media.

“I'll cheer for him when he comes out, but after that, nah, I want some sacks. I want to see our friggin linebackers just pummel them and punish him.”

The quote, attributed to "Schwartzie" from Ashland, aired during the broadcast alongside a photo of Schwartz donning a Patriots jersey in a vintage car from 1977, the year Brady was born.

"I think it's just crazy that it's blown up as it has," Schwartz told WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ).

Schwartz is not only a fan of the Patriots, but she's a football player herself. She won two championship rings as a member of the Boston Militia, a now defunct team from the Women's Football Alliance.

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Schwartz now serves as a public address announcer for the Boston Renegades, who play in the Women's Football Alliance. She said she sees this viral moment as a great opportunity for women in football.

"Patriots fans aren't all guys, there are women out there who enjoy the game of football," Schwartz said.

In the end, "Schwartzie" got her wish, when Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon sacked Brady in the second quarter.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) has more.

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