Aura Caught On Camera: Custom Salem Photo Booth Offers Colorful Portraits

Photo: Brooke McCarthy / WBZ NewsRadio

SALEM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Forget mood rings, there's a way to capture a person's aura on camera with HausWitch Home + Healing custom photo booth in Salem.

Personal Rainbow Manager Melissa Nierman explained to WBZ's Brooke McCarthy how it all works.

"An aura photo is a photograph of your energetic body," Nierman said gesturing to the camera named 'Prismatica,' "she's an 'Aura Cam 6000,' so she's a very special camera."

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Customers who make a reservation sit in the photo booth with palms face down on a couple of plates while the portrait photo is snapped.

The finished product features customers covered in a cascade of colors from the rainbow, and it's been a smash hit with couples, friends, and solo aura models alike. Once the keepsake is done, Nierman deciphers and explains what the colors mean.

"You actually have a lot of this beautiful reddish orange, but then you also have this beautiful magenta color, which is associated with the third eye," Nierman said pointing at Brooke's aura photo.

"We did have somebody come in with a pickle shirt and they had a pickle aura, they had a bright beautiful green pickle almost in their aura— which was hilarious. Everybody's reactions are so lovely and it's just a really great energy to have in the shop too," HausWitch Employee Lish McSweeney said.

WBZ's Brooke McCarthy (@BrookeWBZ) reports.

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