Baby Name Consultants Are Finding More Business

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – Naming your child can be one of the hardest decisions for any parent. Thankfully, there are professional name consultants that parents can hire when they are stressed about selecting the perfect baby name.

Lauran Wattenburg, also known as “The Baby Name Wizard,” is a baby-naming expert based in Winchester. She has been known to come to the rescue when parents become desperate. Wattenburg is surprised that most people are unfamiliar with this kind of service.

“I actually think it’s a strange thing that we’re not more willing to pay baby name consultants,” she says.

Other consultants, like Abby Sandell, have seen a massive growth in demands. She says that her baby-naming consulting has become her main source of income.

“Parents want to use a name almost the way a company uses a brand name, to position the child’s success in life’s marketplace,” Sandell explains. “I was getting so many emails from people looking for help that I thought I need to structure this.”

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Social media has also been a huge factor fueling this demand. Taylor Humphrey says she turned her viral success on TikTok into a paying gig.

“Business is just booming,” she says, “I feel really grateful that people finally know that they seek out this type of service.”

Parents say that they want to give their child a unique name without it being too strange.

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