Baby Penguin Makes Debut At New England Aquarium

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The New England Aquarium debuted a new penguin chick Wednesday morning.

The two-month old southern rockhopper penguin—who hasn’t been given a name yet—was raised at the aquarium after its parents could not care for it.

“Despite their experience raising chicks in the past, these parents were not able to keep up with the needs of this chick,” Eric Fox, the aquarium’s penguin exhibit manager, said. “The penguin staff decided to step in to hand raise this particular chick earlier than we normally do in order to give it the best chance for success.”

According to the aquarium, the chick is “mischievous” and “has a cute goofiness that is high even by the elevated bar of penguin chick standards.”

It’s not often that the aquarium has to act as surrogate parents for a baby penguin.

The chick was also given a plush penguin to stay with it during this time.

Aquarium staff have begun to slowly introduce the young rockhopper into the exhibit, and the other adult penguins.

Southern rockhopper penguins are described as having yellow feathers on their head, are about 18 inches tall, and can weigh between 5-10 pounds.

They typically reside near Chile or Argentina, and on islands in the sub-Antarctic. They can live up to 30 years, but typically live about 10 years.

Out of the 18 species of penguins, they are the only ones to dive feet first into the water.

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