Ben Parker Poem: The Soldier I Never Knew

Boston Common Memorial Day Flags

Volunteers plant flags on Boston Common ahead of Memorial Day weekend. (Shari Small/WBZ NewsRadio)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — WBZ NewsRadio’s Ben Parker shares a poem for a fallen soldier from his hometown of Leominster, 22-year-old PFC Jonathan Roberge, who was killed in action in Iraq on February 9, 2009.

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The Soldier I Never Knew

I never heard his voice

Or shook his sturdy hand

He did not know my name

But for me he made a stand.

Alone he made the choice

To rise above the crowd

To serve his God and country

And to make his nation proud.

For me this unknown soldier

Joined those who came before

To leave his home and family

And march to fight a war.

He never asked if he should go

I never told him, stay

He never wrote me letters

For him I did not pray.

I never knew his story

His life not mine to share

That did not matter to him

He served without a care.

Now his sacrifice is known

I know his face and name

His honor and his courage

Have put my life to shame.

He served and died for those he knew

And for those he never would

He did what he was called to do

And did the best he could.

A soldier that I never knew

Is being laid to rest

He never knew who I was

But for me he gave his best.

A hero is that someone

Who does more than he needs to do

For me, among those heroes

Is the soldier I never knew.

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