Bill Weld On Challenging Trump, Appealing To More Than Just Republicans

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Former Massachusetts Governor and 2020 Republican candidate Bill Weld spoke about his campaign, challenging President Trump, and more in an interview with WBZ NewsRadio's Jim MacKay at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention in Manchester Sunday.

Weld said that, as he campaigns through New Hampshire, he's noticed a change in people's attitudes.

"Now, it’s more people coming up to me and saying, ‘Governor, it’s so great you’re running,’ as opposed to me buttonholing them in the street and saying, ‘Hi, I’m Bill Weld. I’m running for president,’ and I like it better the new way,” Weld said.

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Gov. Weld said he's not just aiming to court Republican voters.

“My aim is to enlarge the electorate of people voting in the Republican Party — more women voting, more millennials, more gen x-ers, more young people," he said. "And the issues I’ve been putting forward are important to those voters. Millennials are the people who are going to reap the whirlwind on both the budget deficit and on climate change. Their generation is going to suffer there, and they know that."

He touted his history of gaining votes from independents.

"I’m not appealing to a narrow sliver of the electorate, not even just to the Republican Party, and I never did," he said. "As you know, independents can vote in either party, and they would come in and vote for me six-to-one. And that’s how I got to 71 percent on the re-election. It was independent voters, it was not republicans."

Listen to the full interview with Weld below.

WBZ NewsRadio's Jim MacKay (@JimMacKayOnAir) reports

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