Bobcat Sightings in Grafton

Bobcat courtesy of Grafton Police

by Nancy Shack, WBZ NewsRadio1030

BOSTON, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — Grafton police are reporting Bobcat sightings from a number of residents. A video, which can be viewed below, was submitted by home owner on Blackberry Lane of an animal which appears to be a Bobcat prowling in the yard.

Authorities say these animals are well-adapted to a variety of habitats, including mountainous areas with rocky ledges, hardwood forests, swamps, bogs, and brushy areas near fields. They tend to avoid areas with cleared lands but are adapting to suburban settings and rarely interact with humans.

Officials warn if a Bobcat is seen in your area be aware that it may prey on pets, small livestock and chickens so avoid pasturing animals or placing coops in remote areas or in areas near heavily wooded cover. Residence are advised to pen livestock in or near a barn at night and keep an eye out for dogs, cats and your chickens.

Anyone with questions is asked to visit Mass.Gov/Masswildlife or call (508) 835-3607.

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