Boston Accent Voted "Most Annoying" In National Survey, Locals Unfazed

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It may come as bad news for those in or around Boston, but apparently a good majority in a national survey do not enjoy the way locals speak.

The survey from Preply, a language-learning platform, read that it spoke to 2,000 Americans who voted that the Boston accent is the "most annoying American accent." WBZ's Matt Shearer took to the streets to share the news with Bostonians, who, for the most part, appeared to be unfazed.

"Thank you for the compliment- we're real Bostonians, we're going to keep it real and let you know. If you're fake and you come in here, we're going to run you out of our city- Boston Strong," said one local. It should be noted that "realness" was not one of Preply's survey categories, but many were convinced Boston would be in first place in that respect.

But not all hope was lost, because despite being the "most annoying," the Boston accent was also voted sixth in "sexiest" and "most trustworthy," and fourth in "smartest" sounding accents.

"I know the ladies down south love it," said another local.

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New York won the "smartest" sound category in the survey, something that caused locals to bring up the Red Sox beating the Yankees and New England Patriots beating the New York Jets.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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