Boston Massacre Victims Remembered In Ceremony

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — A ceremony was held Thursday at Granary Burying Ground to pay tribute to the colonists killed by British soldiers 250 years ago on March 5, 1770.

The names of the five men, Crispus Attucks, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, Samuel Gray, and Patrick Carr, were read aloud at the event on Tremont Street at 9 a.m.

After the names were read, a wreath was presented, followed by a 21-gun salute.

Paula Pratt Renkas works with the Daughters of the American Revolution. She told WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas about the importance of the event, which is credited with leading to the American Revolution.

"The Boston colonists were very put upon with the taxes," Pratt Renkas said. "Plus the army being sent here and being forced to house them in their own private homes and such. The tensions here were very bad."

British soldiers opened fire 250 years ago after colonists threw snowballs filled with rocks and sticks at them.

Four of the colonists died immediately, and one would die a week later from his wounds.

From 1-5 p.m., historical reenactors will be present downtown to talk about the events leading up to the shooting. A reenactment of the Boston Massacre will take place at 7 p.m. between the Old South Meeting House and the Old State House.

250th Boston Massacre Anniversary Marked With Reenactment, Events - Thumbnail Image

250th Boston Massacre Anniversary Marked With Reenactment, Events

WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas (@JamesRojasWBZ) reports

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