U.S. Senate Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing For Mayor Marty Walsh

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — A U.S. Senate Committee held a hearing on Thursday on the confirmation of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as President Joe Biden's U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Walsh appeared before the committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions for about two hours. He was introduced by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who called him a friend.

Warren said she trusts Walsh "to look out for everyone looking for a job, a decent wage, and a chance for their kids and their grandkids to succeed."

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall questioned Walsh about the implications of President Joe Biden's proposal for a 15-dollar minimum wage, suggesting that the price of living would increase and hurt jobs in his state.

When Marshall asked Walsh how much he paid for the last cup of coffee he purchased, the Senator was surprised to hear that Walsh paid $1.75 for a cup of coffee at Doughboy Donuts in South Boston.

During the hearing Walsh also discussed his untraditional path in politics, his childhood battle with cancer and his later battle with alcoholism -- and how these experiences have shaped his beliefs and his work.

"These are not just policies to me," Walsh said. "I lived them."

In general there was no major pushback from the lawmakers on Walsh's nomination. A official vote on his confirmation will reportedly take place next Thursday.

WBZ NewRadio's Karyn Regal (@KarynRegal) reports.

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(Photo: Getty Images)

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