Boston Police Officers Save Choking Baby In South End

boston police officers save choking baby

Officers Arthur Green and James O'Connor of the Boston Police Department. (Boston Police)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Two Boston police officers are being praised after they saved a choking baby.

Officers James O’Connor and Arthur Green were in their cruiser in the South End Wednesday afternoon when the baby's father flagged them down.

"We were in the very front car at a red light, and the car behind us kept beeping the horn, would not stop, and we didn't know what was going on," Officer O'Connor said. "Next thing you know, the gentleman jumps out of the car, runs up to us, and says, 'I need help, my baby's choking.'"

They ran to the car behind them, where the baby was being held by his mother in the backseat.

"There was the baby's mother in the back seat, holding a baby who appeared lifeless," O'Connor said. "She was crying, and passed me the baby."

That's when O'Connor began CPR.

"As I was giving compressions to the baby's back, like light massages and taps on the back to see if I could clear the baby's airway, the baby began to throw up on me on my shirt," he said. "After we got the baby to throw up, the baby began to breathe."

Boston EMS showed up and took the baby and his grateful parents to a nearby hospital. Later, Green and O'Connor learned that the baby was fine, all because of their efforts.

"I told the dispatcher to push EMS, get them there as fast as they could, because obviously it's a baby and it's very important to get help as soon as possible," Officer Green said. "Through our efforts we were able to get the baby breathing again. His color started coming back, so we knew that he was probably going to be okay."

"We both have kids also, so it was very close to home for both of us," Green added.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said his thoughts were with the parents, and he hoped for a speedy recovery for the baby.

"I’m grateful that my officers were in the right place at the right time and that they were equipped with the training and the professionalism to help this family in their time of need and save this baby’s life," Gross said in a statement.

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