Boston Resident Leaves Fake, Positive Affirmation Parking Tickets

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Some Boston residents were given a bit of a scare last weekend when they returned to their cars to find tickets.

Someone put positive affirmation parking tickets on car windshields around the city. Usually, the orange envelope means you will lose some money for a parking violation, but fortunately for those on the receiving end, the tickets were fake.

“They kind of shock you because you think it’s a bad thing and then you see it’s a good message. I wouldn’t do something like that, but yeah it’s funny,” said one resident on the receiving end of one of the tickets.

The tickets look like a replica of Boston parking tickets, but the fine print had compliments instead of dollar signs. A local college student is suspected to be the one responsible.

Even though it might have scared some people, they appreciated the message the student was going for.

“It was really creative and it was a good thing. It was very different,” said another resident.

WBZ's Chris Fama (CFamaWBZ) reports.

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