Boston Steps Up Social Distancing Measures

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced new measures to discourage people from engaging in activities in the city's parks that could put themselves or others at risk of catching coronavirus.

"People are still gathering in groups and playing sports in our parks," Mayor Walsh said at a press conference on Sunday. "This is not social distancing. Gathering in a parking lot, sitting in a circle and having conversations is not social distancing... quite honestly you're putting other people at risk by doing this."

Mayor Walsh said people need to stop playing sports like soccer, street hockey, basketball, and tennis.

"We already started to temporarily put zip ties on basketball hoops, and we're putting new signage up this weekend," said Walsh. "The last effort is to lock the park down, and we don't want to lock the park down because we want people to be able to walk to the park."

Other than playing sports, Mayor Walsh also strongly discouraged the city's residents from gathering at the beach, gathering to have conversations outside, or having wine parties at home. "All you’re doing is going to put a bigger strain on our hospitals because more people are going to test positive for the coronavirus," said Walsh.

The Mayor also addressed young people who may not believe they are in any danger of catching COVID-19. "Number one; you can catch the coronavirus, but number two; you're carriers," Walsh said. "You could bring that virus into your home and infect your grandparents... or your parents."

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