Boston Woman Reinvents Straw To Work With Hot Drinks Like Coffee

Photo: Courtesy of Sipify

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — A Boston woman has designed a straw to do away with the scalding pains that come with sucking up and drinking hot liquid through a tube.

Inventor and owner of Sipify Alice Stone told WBZ's Shari Small how the metal reusable straw works.

Photo: Courtesy of Sipify

"When you drink from a coffee, you're tipping from the top— that's getting cooled by the room temperature air it's making contact with. When you put a straw in you're pulling from the bottom, where's it's hottest. There are these precision laser-drilled micro holes through the stainless steel and then the silicone cover has these dual air shafts. As you take a sip, there's a little bit of room temperature air that drops into straw right before you sip. It's about the same temperature as taking a gentle sip from the top of the cup," Stone said.

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For people with certain diseases like Parkinson's, drinking from a straw is necessary— so when the Michael J. Fox gave away one of the Sipify straws at a major fundraiser, it was a welcome surprise. Stone says the idea came to her after a dental appointment years ago, when an official recommended drinking ice coffee through a straw to avoid staining teeth. Determined to continue drinking hot forms of caffeine, Sipify was born.

"Everybody just assumes you can't drink hot coffee with a straw because you couldn't before. The convenience of a straw is huge," Stone said.

The Sipify straws can be found for purchase online here.

WBZ's Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) reports.

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