Brookline Filmmaker Creating Documentary On Local Wild Turkeys

BROOKLINE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — If you live in Massachusetts, you’ve probably had some sort of an encounter with a wild turkey. The large birds have a reputation for being aggressive, and a local filmmaker, from Brookline, is making a documentary about just that.

“This story has inherent tension,” filmmaker Aynsley Floyd said. Her film is titled “Turkey Town.”

Turkey activity is up in the state from March through May because it is breeding season for wild turkeys. According to MassWildlife, turkeys organize themselves through a pecking order, and “may attempt to dominate or attack people that they view as subordinates, and this behavior is most often during breeding season.”

Turkeys may also attack windows and other shiny objects because they mistake “their own reflection as an intruding turkey,” according to MassWildlife.

“Turkeys in particular seem to have a polarizing effect on our community between those who see them as part of nature, part of the natural order, and those who see them as a nuisance or even a threat,” Floyd said.

She says the tail of the urban turkey — their fall, their population rebound, and their interactions in cities and suburbia comes packed with drama and that’s good moviemaking.

The turkey population has grown over the last several decades after MassWildlife began reintroducing the birds into Massachusetts in the 1970s.

Floyd has previously created several documentaries. She is currently earning a Masters in Film and Media Art at Emerson College, according to her website.

WBZ NewsRadio's Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) reports

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