Cannabis Company Helps Grow At Home

(Carl Stevens/WBZ NewsRadio)

IPSWICH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Growing cannabis at home is not an easy or cheap feat, and now Massachusetts residents can pay a monthly fee for a cannabis landscaping company to come and tend to their crops.

Home Grow Community, started by Evan Heenehan of Ipswich, is an "in-home cannabis cultivation service." He likens it to a landscaping service where customers do not have to pay an up-front cost. Instead, they sign up for a year long contract which includes two grow cycles.

"I provide all the equipment, I come once a week to service their gardens, I come with a team to harvest and help process afterwards," Heenehan said. "So it's from seed to harvest we do everything that is involved with home growing for our customers in their homes."

Heenehan says the response has been positive and that since the legal amount can be overwhelming for one homeowner, he has noticed people sharing with their neighbors.

Most of the gardens Heenehan installs are in basements or in spare rooms. His personal garden is in his kitchen.

"It's a small unit, it's a three by three by six foot-tall enclosure that has a 315 watt light inside it," Heenehan said. "We grow six plants and the unit uses about the same amount of electricity as a refrigerator."

How does Heenehan know so much about plant care? He used to work in golf course landscaping.

Between weekly visits, customers have to water the plants twice as upkeep. Heenehan says the Home Grow Community clientele is varied.

"Some of our customers are aging hippies, but not all of them are, we have millennial customers that see the value, the cost savings in it on a per-ounce basis," Heenehan said. "It basically works out to half the cost of retail."

Customers are also allowed to share a garden and Home Grow will bill each person separately.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports.

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