The War On Drugs

War on Drugs Concept Word Art Illustration

On this episode of Blunt Talk, Brit talks to cannabis educator Cara Crabb-Burnham about the history of humans using cannabis.

Veterans And Marijuana
Veterans And Marijuana
On this episode of Blunt Talk, Brit speaks with a group hoping to provide better medical marijuana access to veterans.

Crabb-Burnham takes us back through marijuana use in ancient times, to U.S. prohibition in the early 20th century. We'll discuss the rise of President Nixon's War On Drugs, the role of Reefer Madness propaganda and the Vietnam War, to D.A.R.E and the current state of semi-legalization across the country.



NM Bill To Legalize/Decriminalize

NJ Bill To Legalize

CT Bills To Legalize

Minority Cannabis Business Association Model Local Ordinance

Cannabis Banking Bill With 108 Cosponsors

Bill To Protect Federal Workers Using Pot

NY Budget Proposal Includes Rec Pot

MO Cop Searches Cancer Patients For Weed

MO House Bill To Expunge Cannabis Convictions For Patients

NFL Rule Change On Marijuana

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