Canton, Stoughton Car Washes Offers Free Cleans For Details On Trespasser

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CANTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — In order to bring an attempted thief to justice, a car wash chain is offering a year's worth of free cleans for any information that leads to an arrest. The suspect allegedly tried the Prestige Car Wash in Stoughton first, at a self-serve bay. Then, after he was unsuccessful there, the trespasser drove a motorcycle over to the Canton location.

Prestige Car Washes in Stoughton and Canton have experienced attempted thefts in the past, though as General Manager Nicole Teles says, it's quite a fool's errand to even try to break into one of the pay stations.

"There's three to four inches of thick metal, you're going to spend hours trying to cut into that thing— and what are you going to get? Twenty bucks? We empty [cash boxes] every single day," Teles said.

Not to mention that PCW has loads of security cameras, which captured the perpetrator on film trying to break into the cash boxes with power tools. From that footage, Teles says they have a decent description of the person responsible. Though the motorcycle the culprit was riding on had no apparent license plate on it.

"It's a while male, the motorcycle is a Honda, the helmet has the Irish flag with a Celtics logo on it. Somebody's got to know him, and somebody will speak out so that this particular person is not doing this to other facilities. We're giving somebody a year of free car washes as a reward," Teles said.

Though the attempted thief made off with little to no cash from the self-service bays, Teles says the man may have caused up to $50,000 in damages between the two locations.

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Officials ask that anyone with information related to the incidents call the Canton or Stoughton Police Departments.

WBZ's Chris Fama (@CFamaWBZ) reports.

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