Cargo Carrying Robot Could Make Shopping Easier

(Photo: WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas)

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Walking to and from the grocery store may be a little less of a chore if someone, or something, carried everything for you.

That's just what one Charlestown based tech company is hoping to do with a new product set to hit the market. Gita, which is Italian for "short trip," is a two wheeled robot with front facing cameras, weighs 50 lbs and can carry up to 45 lbs of cargo. It turns on a dime and can keep up with a brisk walk.

Jefferey Schnapp, with Piaggio Fast Forward, hopes Gita will help people carry home their groceries or complete other chores, all while keeping their hands free. "It's the first smart device we've ever seen where you're not joy-sticking it, you're not looking at a little screen to operate it. Basically, the way you operate it is by doing something you've been doing since you were like 4-years-old, which is to walk."

The price tag for Gita right now: $3,250.

It hits the U.S. market on November 18th.

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