Celebrating Pi Day, Roxbury Students Shove Pies Into Faces Of Faculty

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Monday was "Pi" Day, and memorizing the most numbers of Pi could never have been more crucial for students at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School Mission Hill, as the reward for whoever could name the most digits of the number got to slam a pie into a faculty member's face.

"Pi" day celebrates the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, a number that is typically rounded to 3.14 but is endless.

But the pies that Roxbury students threw into one of three adults' faces weren't real edible pies, said Principal Tim O'Leary. "Using real pies has a longer lasting effect as the fruit starts to ferment on your skin- you don't necessarily feel like you aren't smelling great all day, so shaving cream is fine," O'Leary said.

After students accurately recited digits of the constant Pi, the contest winners began to throw the shaving cream pies into the faces of staff.

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"It's a fun celebration of the things they're learning and just a moment of collective joy," O'Leary said, "if we're working hard, and learning is fun, we want to make sure we have those peak moments along the way."

The school official said he was glad to be a part of it, as shaving cream covered his face, though O'Leary said he had a back-up set of clothes ready to go.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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