Brothers Arraigned In Death Of Man Outside Quincy Bar

christopher mccallum widow kathy mccallum

Christopher McCallum's widow, Kathy McCallum, spoke to reporters outside the arraignment Wednesday. (Karyn Regal/WBZ NewsRadio)

DEDHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Two brothers were arraigned Wednesday in the beating death of a man outside an American Legion post in Quincy last January.

Matthew and Steven Potter both pleaded not guilty during an appearance in Norfolk Superior Court. Matthew is charged with manslaughter in the death of Christopher McCallum, a 44-year-old Braintree father of three; Stephen is charged with assault.

The Potters are sons of a retired Quincy Police detective; Quincy Police did not handle the case.

Both brothers are out free after posting bail—$1,000 for Steven, $20,000 for Matthew.

Prosecutors claim in their indictment that Matthew and Steven were argumentative and aggressive inside the American Legion Nickerson Post in Quincy's Squantum Neighborhood on January 26.

"In the course of the investigation, numerous witnesses described Matthew Potter's behavior as aggressive toward both men and women and consistent with someone under the influence of some kind of substance," the indictment read. "He grabbed the buttocks and breast of one woman, and made offensive comments to two others."

They said the brothers picked a fight with a member of the Legion post and were eventually asked to leave, but came back in. When the manager tried to walk Steven Potter out, they came to blows. A fight erupted in the parking lot.

A witness claimed to see McCallum, his twin brother Bill, and Matthew Potter in a physical fight not long after; then, McCallum, whose family claims he was trying to break up the fight, fell, hitting his head on the ground.

"The sound that his head made when it hit the ground was overwhelmingly described as a crack," prosecutor Lisa Beatty said.

McCallum was "bleeding profusely from the head and having great difficulty breathing," the indictment read; he died on January 28.

Stephen was taken to an area hospital, while Matthew was pulled over for speeding on Bridge Street in nearby Weymouth. Matthew's phone and hat were found next to McCallum's body.

Matthew told police he was coming from the Legion post and that the injuries to his face, sustained in the fight, were from "when he slipped and fell on ice." Officers said he smelled of alcohol, but he denied drinking.

Outside court, standing next to her oldest son, McCallum's widow Kathy thanked those who came forward as witnesses, saying their help led to the brothers' arrests months later.

"Eight months ago, at the vigil for my husband Chris, I reached out to the public to ask that they share any details regarding the events at the post that night, no matter how small," she said. "I am so grateful for all the brave people who came forward to tell the story of what happened to Chris that night, and it's because of them that we are able to obtain the indictment that we've long hoped for."

Defense attorney Kevin Reddington spoke on behalf of Matthew Potter after the arraignment.

"The only injury that my guy has to his hand is his left hand, and he's right handed," Reddington said. "I don't think anybody behaved well that night, including McCallum."

But McCallum spoke of the irreparable damage to her family, blaming Matthew and his brother.

"My family will never be the same without such a wonderful husband, and my sons will live forever without their loving father, because of Matthew and Steven Potter and their reckless behavior and senseless acts of violence," she continued. "No matter how this ends, we're the ones with the life sentence."

WBZ NewsRadio's Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) reports

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