City Looking Into Claims Dorchester CVS Is Not Following Safety Protocols

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The city of Boston is looking into allegations that a CVS in Dorchester is not following safety protocols when distributing coronavirus vaccines.

Photos taken inside the CVS on Blue Hill Avenue, which were shared by the Black Boston COVID-19 Coalition (BBCC), show a trash can overflowing, and people bunched together while waiting in line for a vaccine.

Louis Elisa, with the BBCC, told WBZ NewsRadio he received several complaints about the location over the weekend.

“If you’re giving people responsibility to inoculate people, to give them these vaccines, then someone in some organization or group has to be responsible for making sure that these are held in the most sanitary conditions,” Elisa said.

The BBCC said in a statement they are "calling on on federal, state and city officials to move immediately to shut down the Covid-19 vaccine operation" at the location.

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"After working closely with the vaccine operators at the Reggie Lewis Center and other, BBCC knows well the care and attention that MUST be made to maintain physical distancing, cleanliness and the absolutely critical importance of the 15-30 minute observation period post vaccination," Elisa said in a statement.

CVS said they have not received any customer complaints and they have clear social distancing protocols, including signage and markers.

In a statement to WBZ NewsRadio, CVS said they are "surprised and confused about the press release from the Black Boston COVID-19 Coalition for several reasons. We were not contacted by this organization about any of the concerns they raised, we have not received any such customer complaints about this store, and most importantly we have clear social distancing protocols and signage/markers throughout the store, as well as dedicated space for immunizations and post-vaccination observation."

Boston's Inspectional Services Department is looking into the matter.

Here are some photos CVS provided to WBZ NewsRadio that show the location's signage and markers:

WBZ NewsRadio's James Rojas (@JamesRojasWBZ) reports

(Thumbnail photo: Courtesy of the Black Boston COVID-19 Coalition)

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